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Inconsistency is a frontrunner in the managerial black book of sins.
A wise man once said: "The only thing in which we, humans are really consistent is our inconsistency." This point introduces a potentially real problem for managers. If they announce a change, assign a task, agree on anything ... and then forget to enquire about the implementation in reality, they will simply get no positive results.


Henry Ford - Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right.

Bénéficielle Ltd. or more precisely its working group BNFC-HR offers you a new, more comprehensive service in the human resources area.
Bénéficielle Ltd. or rather its BNFC-HR division, offers you a new methodology of agency management and development of human resources. We are a unique recruitment agency whose aim is not only to find employees for a financial compensation as we advise:

"Do not hire employees, you do not need!"

Unlike other recruitment agencies, that select candidates for positions only by job descriptions provided by you, without deeper professional and human understanding of the situation in your company (where even though consultants are often educated and intelligent people, they are  young and lack personal and professional experience), we offer you a comprehensive service.

Personal consultant in the human resources area.

We offer you a unique know-how, which we have acquired through the synthesis of skills gained from twenty years of experience in top-level management of multinational corporations, management of crisis teams, direct management of companies as well as experience with working for renowned personnel agencies. Our service will ultimately bring you significant savings in labour costs. And that is not all. The service offered to you aims to:
Personal consultant in the human resources area will be perfectly familiarized with your business issues and will therefore be able to fully understand your needs. 
The core of our offer is consultancy and cooperation in the area of human resources care based on continuous long-term cooperation. One expert, today, tomorrow and in a year. Your Personal consultant in the human resources area will be in regular close contact with the top management of your company, including those responsible for your company’s human resources management (HR) and also with your employees. Your Personal consultant in the human resources area will complete step by step analysis and studies required to effectively manage human resources. Together with you he will answer all the "What?" questions. Based on years of experience and regularly applied knowledge he will suggest the “HOW” solutions and he will help you implement your goals together with your colleagues - not against them.

We have a unique offer for you, which in the case of your interest we will gladly present to the management of your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take a shot at it with us - it won’t be easy, but easier than you expect.




East Bohemia Office
The new BNFC office in Hradec Kralove open.
BNFC office for the East Czech Region is open since 2.5.2011.
Manager of the office is Ing. Jiří Pospíšil. Mr. Pospíšil is experienced, qualified, senior manager with more than 20 years practice.  

ISO 9001:2008
Bénéficielle,Ltd obtained the quality cerificate according ISO 9001:2008 Standard for the following scope: PROCESS MANAGEMENT and HR MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES, PERSONAL PLACEMENT SERVICES.

In the region of North Bohemia, we have started an analysis of the initial state for the project Efficiency Increase of Processes and Human Resources Management in the Ústi nad Labem Public Transit Company.

A Challenge for the Region 
BNFC took the initiative of A Challenge for the Region as a marketing opportunity in Čelákovice and the surrounding area.

New office in Čelákovice
Bénéficielle, Ltd. opened a new office in Čelákovice in July 2010.

Effective HR management personal consultant
Effective HR management personal consultant
On 15 July 2010 the BNFC-HR working group commenced a nationwide sales campaign for the service "Personal consultant in the human resources area."


Interconnection of the NAVERTICA a.s. project


Did you know?

Did you know that:
“I don’t have time!” is a frontrunner in the managerial black book of sins.
"I can’t manage" is such a frequent mantra in today’s businesses, that no one notices it anymore. If a manager has no time, what about his employees? He is either unable to delegate, has problems with self-organization, or is unable to provide reinforcements for an overloaded team. They have therefore failed.

Goal - decide what you want.

Benjamin Franklin:
The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.