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Evaluation again?

Did you know that:

 “Evaluation again?” is a frontrunner in the managerial black book of sins.
Nowadays most companies use some form of regular performance evaluation of employees. Unfortunately, the execution is often so desperate that both managers and employees consider it a total waste of time: "Let's do it, so we tick the box”. If this is the manager’s approach, then has once again failed.

BNFC - Consulting

BNFC - Consulting

This product is presented by the Bénéficielle Ltd. working group, which offers business, financial, organizational and economic consulting.
The support offered by Bénéficielle, Ltd. focuses on an efficient and faster implementation of your business plan or your partial projects. The main pillars of our support aim to prevent errors and associated inefficient costs and, in particular to activate your existing resources.
Almost everyone can read. We can convert the theory into practice.

We focus on the issue of actual implementation of the principles that are intended to avoid unnecessary and sometimes fatal errors (ISO standard). This standard is almost implied nowadays. Much to the loss of many promising businesses it is however often only - l'art pur l'art!
According to your identified individual needs, we will provide a solution tailored to you, using the principles of TOC, Lean production, or more precisely Lean Company, 6Sigma, but also using the principles of emotional selling, SPIN Selling, etc. The basic algorithm of our cooperation with clients, is described in the following diagram.
Your need of change → Our free analysis → Potential co-operative project
Take a shot at it with us - it won’t be easy, but easier than you expect.



East Bohemia Office
The new BNFC office in Hradec Kralove open.
BNFC office for the East Czech Region is open since 2.5.2011.
Manager of the office is Ing. Jiří Pospíšil. Mr. Pospíšil is experienced, qualified, senior manager with more than 20 years practice.  

ISO 9001:2008
Bénéficielle,Ltd obtained the quality cerificate according ISO 9001:2008 Standard for the following scope: PROCESS MANAGEMENT and HR MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES, PERSONAL PLACEMENT SERVICES.

In the region of North Bohemia, we have started an analysis of the initial state for the project Efficiency Increase of Processes and Human Resources Management in the Ústi nad Labem Public Transit Company.

A Challenge for the Region 
BNFC took the initiative of A Challenge for the Region as a marketing opportunity in Čelákovice and the surrounding area.

New office in Čelákovice
Bénéficielle, Ltd. opened a new office in Čelákovice in July 2010.

Effective HR management personal consultant
Effective HR management personal consultant
On 15 July 2010 the BNFC-HR working group commenced a nationwide sales campaign for the service "Personal consultant in the human resources area."


Interconnection of the NAVERTICA a.s. project


Did you know that?

Did you know that:

There is a phenomenon that describes the term "inner resignation? It is a conscious acceptance of employees. It is the end of involvement, personal diligence and dedication to the employer. Colleagues, who resigned internally, are no longer prepared to actively engage in favour of their employer and reduce their performance to only following specific orders.
As a result, both parties become losers in this situation. From the perspective of the organization the major - human potential remains untapped. An organization with a higher level of inner resignations will have problems with the implementation of even the smallest development projects. Affected co-workers suffer from stress and frustration.
Inner resignations cost the affected organization millions annually.

Time management

Brown H. Jackson:
Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Michelangelo, T.A. Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill or Albert Einstein.